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We are Breezin'


Photography by Mike Pihowich

Breezin' is a four-piece Saskatchewan group.  They play a wide variety of fund-raiser shows, private parties, festivals and nightclubs.  The group has a reputation for a party atmosphere and for always bringing their A-game.  With a repertoire that caters to a cross-section of music fans, the group mixes multiple genres into their mainstay format – 60s/70s/80s Rock & Pop plus Country.  High-energy delivery, and songs that reflect #1 hits, make an attractive set list.  These friends share long-time chemistry. The result - listeners getting up and moving from song #1, often belting out the lyrics along with the showcase of great music.

lineup features:

Bass Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals / Howard Nickel
Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals and Guitar / Les Milligan
Lead Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals / Paul Dyck
Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums and Percussion / Tom Oakes


Days past, Breezin’ toured Western Canada extensively, playing many shows, often with lineups outside packed venues. Testimonials by fans, both long-term and new-found, speak to being energized by the fast-paced tunes and traditional sound. In more intimate venues, the group uses wit to entertain as well, sprinkling the night with light humour. 

The standard onstage line-up is Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals, but a line-up change several times during performances adds a second guitar. In addition, the lead vocalist is also a drummer, and a second drum kit on stage brings various flavours to material with added percussion.  

When asked what they attribute to the crowds that loyally follow the band, the guys admit the ‘secret sauce’ is the energy coming from the crowd once the music starts… “The appreciation people show as we perform makes us want to cover the next song, and the next song, that much better. It’s a win-win!”  

The group self-books events, and play for both public and private occasions.  If you are planning a function requiring an excellent crowd-pleaser, Breezin’ is the logical choice.  

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We Are Breezin'

by Breezin'